Jared Kuzia Photographs for Boston Home Magazine & Stanton Schwartz Design

Mar 22, 2019
Photographer Spotlight

Boston-based photographer Jared Kuzia teamed up with two long-term clients — Boston Home Magazine and Stanton Schwartz Design — to photograph the interior of a recently renovated home on the top floor of a residential building. The home is located right along the harbor in Boston’s historic North End.

Jared Kuzia, Boston Home Magazine, Stanton Schwartz Design

After the designers renovated the home, they reached out to Jared to photograph the interior. They were so pleased with the outcome of the design that they decided to pitch the project to Boston Home. They sent scouting photos to the magazine before the actual shoot and were delighted to discover that Boston Home was interested in featuring the project.

Having the scouting shots ahead of time gave the team a starting point for their discussions about styling decisions, what compositions were strongest, and which photos best tell the story of the space when shown together. 

“I really like doing it that way because it gets a little more production behind the job.”

Jared Kuzia, Boston Home Magazine, Stanton Schwartz Design

On the day of the shoot, Jared was accompanied by Stanton Schwartz designers Jessica Schwartz and Ryan Stanton, as well as Boston Home Magazine’s art director, Michele Snow, and stylist Janice Dunwoody. With a well-rounded team on site, the shoot went smoothly and the team was able to accomplish their vision.

“Everyone comes to a shoot with their own preferences, but it's most successful when all the ideas fit together to make something that really sings.”

Jared Kuzia, Boston Home Magazine, Stanton Schwartz Design

What was your vision for this project? How does this reflect your photographic style?

 “Having ocean views and many dark wood furnishings chosen by the designers, the space evoke a certain moodiness despite all of the white walls, large windows, and open space. I was hoping to reinforce that by creating images that were a little heavy, muted and contrasty. We had a cloudy day which helped me push this idea a little further. Even when we lit the dining room shots to look like a little bit of sun, I kept the shadows on the heavy side. It’s important to communicate something a little atmospheric in all of my work.”

Jared Kuzia, Boston Home Magazine, Stanton Schwartz Design

What was the creative process like on set? How many shots were necessary to get the images you wanted?

“I work very deliberately, and what some people outside of the interiors world would call slow. We spend all day crafting just a handful of images, so there aren’t really any shots that don’t get used. I think we got around 15 shots, and all were used. If not in print, in the digital publications.”

Jared Kuzia, Boston Home Magazine, Stanton Schwartz Design

 What has been the reception of these photographs?

“It’s been pretty great. We’ve all had a lot of positive responses to the images. Boston Magazine — Boston Home’s monthly parent magazine — also picked up the article. We’ve gotten some pretty good mileage out of it.”


Client: Boston Home Magazine
Editor: Andrea Timpano
Art Director: Michele Snow
Interior Design Firm: Stanton Schwartz Design
Stylist: Janice Dunwoody 
Photo Assistant: Will McCarthy

Check out more of Jared Kuzia at www.jaredkuzia.com!

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