Gregory Miller Creates Content for Staybridge Suites

Mar 5, 2019
Photographer Spotlight

Atlanta-based photographer Gregory Miller teamed up with Blue Sky Agency to do a library shoot for Staybridge Suites, which is part of the InterContinental Hotels Group (ICG). He created social media content for Staybridge previously that year with the same agency and was asked to return for the company’s branding. The images in the shoot would be used heavily for all of the account’s marketing, including print, web, and social media. Greg was thrilled, as he thoroughly enjoys creating content libraries. 

“Content libraries give me the opportunity to tell a complete story about a brand.”

Gregory Miller, Staybridge Suites

The crew spent three days in Houston shooting at the newest hotel, which allowed them to meet the Staybridge Suites' recently established brand and design standards. Production handled crew, travel, props, and wardrobe. The client had an urgent need for images, so the team was under pressure to produce the job quickly. 

“We had more than 45 shots we wanted to capture over three days, so we had to be able to move quickly. My producer was very organized and kept the team one shot ahead of where we were at any given moment, so the only down time we had was moving the camera. This allowed me to make the most of the time I had with each shot, capturing variations within each scene. I like to move around and capture each scene from a variety of angles, so this approach fit right in with my shooting style.”

Gregory Miller, Staybridge Suites

The shot list was designed to maximize the number of scenes in order to capture the most variety and content. The hotel emphasizes its guest rooms, in addition to the amenities inside and outside. Greg wanted to capture scenes around the grilling area and swimming pool, but in southern Texas that week there happened to be heavy rain and flash floods!

“We kept an eye on the weather and were able to scramble outside with talent, food, and props, in order to take advantage of a brief gap in the rain. The agency and client were pleased we were able to capture those shots!”

Gregory Miller, Staybridge Suites

Were there any other challenges you encountered in planning or execution?

“Really just the rain. It was such a disappointment that we couldn’t do more outside! What we got inside was great, and as I noted earlier, we did catch a brief break with the weather allowing us to capture a few shots outside.”

Gregory Miller, Staybridge Suites


Client: Staybridge Suites
Agency: Blue Sky
Art Director: Sadie Lesko
Producer: Callie Householder
Wardrobe Stylist: Christa Leveto
Food Stylist: Carla Buerkle
Hair/Makeup: Wendy Martin
First Assistant: Morgan Cooper

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