Unfiltered: IG Live Interview with Melinda DiMauro

May 20, 2020
Photographer Spotlight

Our fourth installment of “Unfiltered” features New York City-based Melinda DiMauro. The fashion photographer has spent nearly two decades in the field, compiling a portfolio and skillset that are both ever-expanding along the way.

Melinda regaled us with stories of traveling to faraway lands for work, a joy for a person who loves learning about and experiencing other cultures. The one catch: she can’t stay somewhere more than ten days or else she’ll want to stay put forever!

The photographer also discussed her recent work with Whisked Confections, a high-end pastry company that specializes in sweets that, well…it’s more effective to just say that they look like this:

Melinda DiMauro Whisked Confections yum

One of the important aspects of this work is that both Melinda and Lindsay Palumbo, Whisked Confection’s owner, benefitted from it. Whisked Confections gets a lot of its business from hotels and other service industry outfits, so the spread of COVID-19 has taken a large bite out of revenue. To combat this, Lindsay has been marketing her chocolates even more vigorously, enlisting Melinda to create mouth-watering imagery as a way of letting people know her company is still getting after it.

Melinda DiMauro Whisked Confections IG Live setup

And Melinda’s home setup allows her to take on bigger projects on short notice, yet another selling point for an individual who has no shortage of them. Learn more about how Melinda is staying busy during the pandemic by watching the above video!

We look forward to continuing our weekly IG Live conversations every Tuesday afternoon at 2 p.m. If you can’t view the discussion live, check our YouTube page or our COVID-19 Resources page to get the link to the recorded videos.